Hey there, stranger *ļ½”Ł©(ĖŠĻ‰Ė‹*)Łˆāœ§*ļ½”

I'm Ali, a serial multitasker, a musician-turned-writer, and an ex-hackathon director.
I know ā€” my life's a bit chaotic.

I grew up in sunny Southern California until I moved up north to attend UC Berkeley and study English literature. There, I jumped from pre-law to marketing ā€” even clawed my way through a few computer science classes ā€” and a few existential crises later, I stumbled into technical writing. Post grad, I'll be making the long-haul over to NYC to work at MongoDB on their Docs team!

But for now, as I finish up school, I'm just figuring things out one step at a time while trying not to take life too seriously.

If you ever want to connect, feel free to shoot me an email or add me on LinkedIn ā€” always more than happy to meet someone new!

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