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engineering 185

andrew fearing, co-author
writer + graphic designer
spring 2020
engineering 185: the art of stem communication was a class i took during the spring 2020 semester. for our end-of-semester project, we interviewed mechanical engineering professor and squishy robotics ceo alice agogino to cover her main focus of research: her squishy robots. writing this article and designing its layout proved to be a really fun project for me — i got to work with adobe indesign while designing the article's layout, brushed up on my interviewing skills with prof. agogino, and learned a bit about robotics along the way!

some big takeaways ✨

having only written literary essays my entire academic career, i didn't realize until now just how inaccessible my writing style was before — trying too hard to sound sophisticated and overcomplicating it in the process.

this engineering 185 class gave me the unique opportunity to really dive into the engineering ecosystem of berkeley and hone in on a different, more accessible writing style. it made me actually do a lot of reconsideration of how i portray tone and voice in whatever i write, whether it be marketing copy, a literary paper, or even emails. i actually started think about the reader/audience first; that's something i probably should've done from the very beginning.

while this assignment might not be a technical writing masterpiece, it helped me make a huge realization about the work i was currently doing both as a marketer and an academic, and it actually got me to think about how exactly want to navigate my future career with writing that isn't purely academic.